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What Is A Fit Female Body: The Trend-Free Checklist

Fit Female Body

Like most other things that are subjective, the idea of a fit female body has changed a ton of times over the past century. A century back, people considered a soft, round body with an hourglass shape to be the perfect fit body for females. 

However, in this article, we’ll be avoiding the trend and pinpointing what the normal fit body female should look like, irrespective of public notion. So, let’s get right into it. 

Waist-to-Hip Ratio

Fit Female Body


The waist-to-hip ratio is measured by the circumference of the narrowest point of your waist and dividing it by the widest point of your hips. The healthiest waist-to-hip ratio is considered to be 0.7 by the World Health Organization. In certain cases, people prefer a slimmer profile, which is rated 0.6.

However, confusion commonly appears when it comes to choosing between waist-to-hip ratio and body fat percentage. Which one should you prioritize?

Well, there’s no specific answer to this question, but there are factors that are agreed upon generally, and these help us in determining the perfect fit female body.

While wider hips are considered more attractive by most, that’s not entirely in our control. Some women tend to have wider pelvis bones, which helps them attain a lower waist-to-hip ratio. However, this factor can’t be influenced naturally. 

This is why it’s better to focus on improving your body composition. A lean and muscular body is generally considered more attractive. While a lower waist-to-hip ratio might look healthier, it may not be true for everyone. So, it’s important to focus on body composition if you want to be fit.

Body Fat Percentage

Fit Female Body

Body fat percentage works very differently from men to women. Men have high levels of testosterone that allows them to build muscles and consecutively get rid of body fat. Generally, 18% of body fat is considered slim, 20% is considered toned, and 24% is considered curvy.

You don’t need to go slim if you want a normal-fit body female. Having some fat is considered feminine. So, it comes down to your preferences.

However, if the fat percentage of your body is over 24%, then you should work out to reduce it to some degree at least. The average body fat composition of women lies between 25-31%, so you may have to put in some work. On the other hand, if your body fat percentage is lower than 14%, then you’re underweight and should take measures to increase body fat.


Cellulite is kind of a dimpling that’s created by your body fat. The dimpling is under your fascia and usually pushes against it, so it’s usually visible. Men usually have an even layer of fascia, which is why their cellulite isn’t usually visible. On the other hand, in the case of women, it’s extremely visible because the fascia of women is usually spread out like fishnet stockings.

The more you get rid of body fat, the less cellulite will be showing through. That being said, it’s not worth the extra effort, as you need some fat to look fit and feminine in the first place. Then again, no woman is free of cellulite. It’s just, in the case of celebrities and models, they’re just photoshopped out. 

So, if you have visible cellulite even if you have an ideal body fat composition, you shouldn’t worry about it too much.


Another important factor for having the perfect fit body is muscle. However, research conducted on exactly how much muscle is preferred in women always resulted in discrepancies. It’s found that men find strong-looking women with a lot of muscles attractive, while women find it attractive when women have a lean and buffed muscle-free body.

That being said, we can conclude that both strength and slenderness make women look fit, and there’s no absolute in this category. Working out for gaining muscles will eventually lead you to have wider shoulders, hips, and a narrow waist, or simply, the perfect hourglass body. On the other hand, the lean build will help you attain a more feminine look. 

So, it depends on your preferences. No matter what you pick, you have to put in some work to attain that specific look.


The hips are one of the most important factors when it comes to deciding whether your body looks fit or not. If you want wider hips, you’ll have to work on your glutes. However, this is not the only possible way through which you can improve your hip width. Working on your quads will also help your hip look wider.


Posture plays the most crucial role when it comes to determining whether you look fit or not. Even if you’re physically fit, you may not be like you are if you have poor posture. Studies have found that poor posture tends to communicate anxiety, lower energy levels, and even lead to physical complications like headaches, knee pain, etc.

On the other hand, a firm posture will not only communicate strength and fitness, but it’ll also help you attain better sleep, and confidence, reduce your anxiety, improve oxygen delivery throughout your body, etc.


To summarize, multiple factors will help you attain a fit women’s body. While most of them have a standard that you can follow, some of them are very subjective and depends entirely on your preferences. 

Irrespective of the build you’re going for, you probably have to hit the gym, fix your diet, and also your posture. So, before getting into the finer details of how you want your body to look, try to build up these habits and make sure you follow them consistently. Also, instead of getting a body that “Looks fit”, we recommend aiming for a normal fit body female in terms of health. 

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