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What counts as a sedentary lifestyle, and what can you do about it.

Sedentary Lifestyle

It is okay to take a break from loaded responsibilities and lie down on your couch to ease yourself. But, just like everything else, this should have a limit. Another name for a sedentary lifestyle is an inactive lifestyle, and this lifestyle introduces you to the world of lazy creatures. Not working out, doing a little exercise, or sitting alone all day on your sofa or couch might sound relaxing to a certain limit, but these are not healthy for you if you indulge in them on a huge scale.

Being inactive might develop many health issues. But there are solutions as well. To know what’s a sedentary lifestyle or, how it works, or how it’s affecting your health, go through this article.

What is a sedentary lifestyle?

There are lots of synonyms to explain this term. A sedentary lifestyle, in simple words, is a lifestyle where you don’t exercise enough to keep yourself healthy. How do you ace a sedentary lifestyle? Simple! Just by sitting and lying down.

Around the world, almost everyone is involved in a sedentary lifestyle- sitting, lying, watching TV, playing video games, etc. Even when you work in your office, you sit on your chair all day long, and when you return home, you use public transport, where, again, you choose to sit. So, what do you do when you finally reach home? No, you don’t sit; you lie down instead. Exceptions always exist where people choose to walk but think about the majority. They sit.

Sedentary Lifestyle

Technology has been introduced to us so that things get easier for us. But little did we know that technology would be one reason behind us sabotaging our healthy lifestyle. Due to this, we hardly work out. All day, we sit and play games or do social media chit-chat.

A sedentary lifestyle is not preferable because it might affect your health. So, how does it do it? Let’s see.

How a sedentary lifestyle affects your health:

A sedentary lifestyle, of course, does not bring any good to your health. You need rest, and your muscles need rest, but that does not mean you would rest till eternity. It would help if you worked to avoid the following things:

1)     Fats and calories are necessary for your body, but excessive fat can lead to serious health issues. If you don’t exercise, your body will burn fewer calories, gaining more weight.

2)     Your immune system might not work well, which means you will be more exposed to diseases.

3)     High chances of developing hormonal imbalance

4)     Poor blood circulation

5)     Loss of strength and develop weaker bones

6)     Lose minerals

7)     Muscle may hurt, or you can get muscle pulls because your muscles were inactive for a longer time

8)     Poorer metabolism means your body won’t break down food properly and won’t get enough energy.

These results might occur if you rely on your sedentary life at an excessive level. It affects your health, your hormonal system, your immune system, your muscles, and even your mental health. So, for a healthy mentality, it is also necessary to have a healthy body. And for a healthy body, exercise is a must.

Health risks developing from a sedentary lifestyle:

Whatever I have mentioned above are just beginner-level health issues. But what these issues can lead to is even bigger. It can cause many chronic diseases, such as-

1)     Obesity- The fat in your body will not burn if your muscles don’t work. There will be low metabolism which means the fats are burning less. This leads to weight gain and eventually makes you obese.

2)     Heart attack- Not only heart attack but an inactive lifestyle can also lead to several heart diseases.

3)     Cholesterol- Not working 24/7 can only make you obese, resulting in higher cholesterol in your body. Let the food burn. Let your cholesterol escape.

4)     Blood pressure- Blood pressure is the most obvious cause of a sedentary lifestyle.

5)     Stroke

6)     Diabetes

7)     Cancer

8)     Depression and anxiety- Along with physical issues, a sedentary lifestyle can greatly impact your mental health.

You need to avoid being sedentary to prevent early death. The more you stay lazy and attached to your couch, the more you sabotage your healthy life. They were talking about you and your couch when they said you have too many attachment issues.

Signs that an inactive lifestyle is affecting your health:

These signs will be proof that you are a sedentary person:

1)     You are always tired

2)     You feel a change in your body

3)     You feel like your body is gaining weight because it actually is.

4)     You don’t feel like moving from your place

5)     You don’t get quality sleep

6)     You are not mentally okay

7)     You are losing memory

Some points here might look like it’s not a big deal, but imagine yourself in a situation where you lose the memory and miss out on something big, such as your salary day. Or your wedding day.

Solutions to sedentary lifestyle:

Where there is a problem, there is always a solution. The solutions to your inactive lifestyle are-

1)     Try to walk home from work

2)     Clean your room

3)     Make a routine of regular exercise

4)     If possible, you can dance too

5)     Morning walk

6)     Yoga and meditation

7)     A healthy diet

Mainly, you have to make your body work. Your muscles need to work and breathe if you want to get out of this sedentary lifestyle.


A sedentary lifestyle might harm your health, but nothing is stopping you from overcoming it. You can walk, meditate, dance, and clean your room, which will help you be active. The starting should be slow, but eventually, you will be there.

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