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Benefits of Mixed Tocopherols: A 2022 review

Mixed tocopherols are just a combination of Vitamin E collected from different sources. So basically, they are Vitamin E supplements. It contain naturally occurring tocopherols like alpha-tocopherol, beta-tocopherol, gamma-tocopherol, and delta-tocopherol. Besides them, there are four more natural sources of Vitamin E.

Each comes in slightly different chemical structures, but they all play the same role. It has many benefits as well as some possible side effects. We must stay aware of these to enjoy the benefits of consuming mixed tocopherols. With that, let us begin our discussion.

Benefits of mixed tocopherols

Mixed tocopherols are combinations of different sources of Vitamin E. Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin. They work as antioxidants in your body and hunt down many potentially dangerous radicals for your cells.

As it is a mixture of vitamin E, all the benefits are found in it. So what are these benefits? We have discussed them below.

Protect the brain and Improve brain function

Mixed tocopherols can protect your brain and also improve its function. It reaches the brain quickly and prevents specific inflammatory factors from causing radical damage to the brain. Thus it protect your brain from various brain health conditions. These conditions include dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Improve heart function through mixed tocopherols

Similar to protecting the brain, Mixed tocopherols can also protect the heart with their antioxidant properties. It can effectively reduce radical damage and prevent inflammation in the heart. This will keep your heart healthy. It also prevent risks of cardiovascular health diseases.

Reduce the risk of cancer by eating mixed tocopherols

Although there isn’t much strong evidence that Mixed tocopherols reduce the risk of cancer, some studies have found positive results.

Studies found that it can reduce the risk of cancer in some particular ways. For example, one method is that Mixed tocopherols can prevent radical damage that reduces the risk of cancer.

Studies show that it can fight liver, colon, prostate, lung, stomach, and skin cancers. It is also shown that gamma and delta tocotrienols are more effective in reducing cancer risk.

Lower cholesterol level

Mixed tocopherols can also lower the cholesterol level in your body. Tocopherols can prevent the build-up of plaque in the blood arteries, resulting in decreasing cholesterol levels in your body. That is also how it helps avoid cardiovascular diseases.

Improve gastrointestinal health

Tocopherols are very effective in reducing the stress on the gastrointestinal system of our body. Tocopherols can reduce painful experiences in the stomach by reducing acidity.

Prevent osteoporosis by consuming mixed tocopherols

If you are suffering from osteoporosis, then mixed tocopherols can help you. It can fight against bone loss and help you prevent osteoporosis.

People already suffering from osteoporosis can also benefit from its consumption. It can also promote bone growth. Thus they can help you recover the lost parts of the bone and help your cell replace damaged bones via cell division.

Improves Hair and Skin health

Mixed tocopherols are very beneficial for both your hair and skin. Thus they are often used in some cosmetic products. It has a rich amount of vitamin E gathered from different sources. Vitamin E’s antioxidant property helps the skin and hair by preventing all free radical damage.

Thus, It promote a healthy scalp and prevent wrinkles in the skin. Some studies suggest that applying the mix directly on the skin and scalp is more effective. But that requires more evidence for a decisive conclusion.

So these were the benefits of mixed tocopherols on our body. Now let us have a look at the potential side effects.

Side Effects of mixed tocopherols

Although many studies have been done to discover the side effects of consuming mixed tocopherol supplements, no consistent side effects have been discovered.

But that does not mean that it has no side effects. There are some which are likely caused by overdose.

If you consume too many tocopherol supplements every day, it can harm your body’s functions. As it contain Vitamin E. Too much vitamin E can hamper your blood’s ability to form clots and stop bleeding.

Another side effect of consuming high doses of mixed tocopherols is prostate cancer. It is ironic. The mixture can reduce the risk of cancer, while high doses can cause prostate cancer.

Apart from these two, there aren’t any significant side effects discovered. But we strongly recommend you visit your doctor about consuming mixed tocopherol supplements. If you Don’t Know What to Eat? Read This.

Dosage and mixed tocopherols amount to be served 

To enjoy the benefits of mixed tocopherols and prevent their side effects, you must consume them at an ideal level. Here is a summary of the number to be served per day.


PersonDaily Amount in MGDaily Amount in IU (International Unit)
Newborn baby4 mg6 IU
Teens, Adults, Pregnant women15 – 19 mg22.5 – 28.5 IU


If you are interested, the maximum limit for consuming mixed tocopherol supplements made from the natural form of vitamin E for adults is 1,500 IU/day (1000 mg per day).

If made from synthetic vitamin E, the cap is 1,100 IU/day (733 mg per day).

This cap ranges from 200 mg (300 IU) to 800 mg (1200 IU) for children.

Remember that this amount also includes the Vitamin E count from your food.

Alternatives of mixed tocopherols

If you are looking for alternatives to mixed tocopherols, you will need to look for foods or other supplements rich in Vitamin E. Here are some of our recommendations.

  • Sunflower seeds (100mg = 35.17 mg Vitamin E)
  • Almonds (100mg = 25.63 mg Vitamin E)
  • Peanuts (100mg = 4.93 mg Vitamin E)
  • Avocados (100mg = 2.07 mg Vitamin E)
  • Spinach (100mg = 2.03 mg Vitamin E)
  • Swiss chard (100mg = 1.89 mg Vitamin E)
  • Butternut squash (100mg = 1.29 mg Vitamin E)
  • Beet greens (100mg= 1.81 mg Vitamin E)

Remember to check your vitamin E intake while consuming these alternatives.


So there you have it. Your 2022 mixed tocopherols guide. We hope that our discussion will prove helpful for you. Remember to consume a safe level of tocopherols daily. It will be best if you can discuss this matter with your doctor. That is because you may be allergic to vitamin E. So it is better to discover it before it’s too late.

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