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Running In The Rain – 7 Things To Watch Out For

Running In The Rain

Most races are postponed or canceled due to bad weather, so running in the rain might benefit. Though rainy days inspire feelings of romance, few people get ready to go for a run when they wake up to a misty view.

Yet, being outdoors in any weather has genuine benefits. Running in the rain has been shown to improve mood and self-esteem. Also, practicing in the rain will help you prepare for weather changes during the race. 

Therefore, if doing so leaves you feeling more physically and mentally ready, you should do it.  If you want to kickstart your day by running in the rain, keep these tips in mind:

1. Put on Appropriate Clothing for the Climate.

Running In The Rain
Two friends or couple jogging at the rainy day

Dress in synthetic materials that reduce drag are easy to move about and can dry fast. You may want to dress in layers in extremely cold and wet weather.

One of the most common blunders runners make when venturing out for a run in the rain is to dress too warmly. You’ll have soggy, cumbersome garments if you pile on the layers.

Shoes and Socks for Running

  • It’s okay to use a worn pair, provided the treads still provide enough grip.
  • A pair of waterproof sneakers can be preferable to your regular street-running shoes, depending on your intended route and the conditions you’ll encounter.
  • Make sure you’re sporting a pair of strong water-soaking running socks when you go for a run. No cotton socks, ever.

Raincoats or Waterproof Jackets for Joggers

  • Put on jackets that are both compact and durable.
  • It must include ventilation options like net panels, zippers, etc.
  • It has a hood that can be pulled down over the wearer’s head without obstructing their field of view, which is very important while walking near moving vehicles.


  • It may be worn on its own or layered beneath a raincoat hood.
  • You should avoid cotton hats and choose one constructed from a water-resistant material.
  • Includes a large visor to shield your eyes from the rain.

2. Watch out in bad weather.

Choosing extremely bright outer clothes is a good idea. Poor eyesight caused by rainy weather might make it more difficult for drivers to see joggers on the road.

If you want to ensure vehicles notice you while crossing the street, establish visual contact with them and waive briefly.

3. Thunderstorms Are No Time To Take A Jog.

Running In The Rain

Although thunderstorms may be spectacular and interesting to watch, you should only go inside if lightning is in the area. Postpone your run till the storm has passed if you haven’t already begun. Under a tree, or anywhere else outside, is the worst possible location during a lightning storm. Large-scale thunderstorms are not something to mess about, so don’t.

4. Keep Your Gadgets Safe.

If you want to keep your electronics safe from rain or other wet conditions, you should invest in a waterproof case, Zipped bag, etc.

5. Limit Skin Irritation.

It’s possible to become chafed throughout any run, but it’s more unpleasant when you’re soaked. Spreading Vaseline on your feet and inner thighs, for example, may help avoid friction and sores when jogging over extended distances. The finest running apparel is a pair of tights or leggings that stretches and fits snugly without seams and also resists water.

6. Rinse And Dry Off.

When you’re done running, it’s best to change out of your wet clothing and into dry ones as quickly as possible, so your body can begin to heat up and recuperate. It would be best if you only spent a little bit of time wearing wet clothes. Towels are useful for drying hair and wiping off dirty legs after a run, so don’t forget to bring one.

7. Reward Yourself

You may look at this as more of a wink than a tip. Warm up with some tea or coffee and give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done.

Last But Not Least

When it rains during a run, getting off to a good start might be more difficult than the actual run. Once you get going and warm up, you could discover to your delight, that running is something you like doing. It’s a great way to connect with your inner child and draw a crowd in the mud.

Going for a run in the rain has a relaxing impact on them. On the other hand, going for a run when it’s pouring outside will make you feel more resilient. While the rain beats down on your skin, you tell yourself that you are courageous and able to triumph over any challenge that may lie in your path.

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