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Looking to get a bigger, more toned butt? Read this

toned butt

A bigger butt is the way to a more confident body for many individuals. You’re at the right place if you are also struggling with booty problems and looking for ways to get a more toned butt. 

Getting a toned and bigger butt is just a combination of the right exercises and the perfect diet. We have it all sorted out for you in our detailed article. So keep reading to unlock all the secrets on how to get a bigger butt

Do The Right Exercises

You may ask the question, “How to get a toned butt”? Doing the right workouts is essential to getting a toned butt. And it may come as a surprise, but many people don’t know about the right exercises for butt workouts. Building a firm, toned bum is all about strength and using it in the right places in the correct ways. To get a bigger butt, here are some exercises you can do to get the most out of your workouts.

Glute bridges 

toned butt

The glute bridge separates and improves your glute regions, hamstrings, and abs while enhancing hip flexibility in a simple exercise for beginners. Here is the process of how you should do it:

Rest on your back, your knees bowed, and your feet flat on the ground. Keeping your hands flat on the floor, position your hands at your side. Put your feet firmly on the ground, tighten your glutes, and raise your hips above the surface. Your body should be flat from your neck to your knees. Then take five seconds of pause at the top, followed by a leisurely decline to the start.


toned butt
Kilito Chan

The deadlift is an excellent exercise for gaining muscle. These workouts may help you bulk up your bum as you increase weights. Follow these steps to do flawless deadlifts:

Take a firm hold of each handle while positioned in the center of the bar. Your legs should be spaced somewhat farther apart beyond hip width. Squat your bottom as far back and downward as it will go. Your feet should be virtually off the floor, and all of your pressure must be on your heel. Lastly, inhale and raise the bar upward when it seems ready to leave the floor.

Pull-throughs and kettlebell swings


To tone your butt, engage your glutes while performing these exercises. We included the instructions for perfecting kettle back swings below.

Place your feet slightly broader than hip-width apart as you rise. Hold the kettlebell while maintaining a tight core and high chest while looking in the reflection. By contracting your glutes as far as you can and pushing forward, throw the kettlebell backward through your legs. Use the energy to bounce the kettlebell forward, preferably to chin height. Repeat the exercise, but this time, attempt to hinge from the hip instead of the knees.

Jumping squats


This effective plyometric workout will increase your heartbeat and help bolster your buttocks, hips, quadriceps, hamstrings, and legs. To do this exercise:

Squat to a standing posture with your hands by your side and legs approximately broader than shoulder width away. Once you align the thighs to your knees, relax your body. Put your hands together and extend your arms next to you as you sit. Lift your body off the ground and upward. Try to lift your toes off the ground by at least 3 inches. Arms outstretched to aid in movement.

Repeat by squatting again with softly bowed knees.

Before jumping squats, speak with a physiotherapist if you experience knee, heel, hip, or stability difficulties.

Walking lunge with weights

Enes Evren

The walking lunge is an excellent workout for strengthening and conditioning the glutes and the quads and enhancing balance. Follow these instructions for this exercise:

Your hands should be at your side as you grip a pair of dumbbells. Place your feet approximately hip-width apart. Using your left foot, advance roughly two steps. Make sure your left knee is perfectly straight by bending it downward. Then take a moment to relax and maintain this posture.

Then, move forward on your back leg and continue the lunge driving motion with this leg.

Before this technique, speak with a physiotherapist if you experience knee, foot, or hip problems.

Moreover, you can request your fitness instructor to design the ideal at-home or virtual workout schedule. This plan will enable you to monitor your performance and let you develop a wider butt without gaining thicker thighs.

Get Your Diet Right


Although no specific foods will make your booty more prominent, a balanced diet can do wonders. You must maintain a nutritious diet rich in veggies, lean protein, and essential fats to gain strength and boost metabolism. Here are the dietary components you should emphasize if you want a toned figure and the perfect booty.

Concentrate on consuming lots of protein

It would be best to consume lean proteins throughout every meal, which is crucial for muscle building and growth.

There are several strategies to include more protein in your food. Look for pieces of meat that are thin and unprocessed. If you’re cooking fish, consider baking rather than frying. Salmon, eggs, tuna, skinless chicken breasts, cottage cheese, lentils, turkey, lean beef, nuts, and beans are excellent kinds of protein.

Combine healthy fats and carbs.

While many diets advise eliminating all carbohydrates and fat from your diet, sound nutrition focuses more on substituting unhealthy items for them. You need to eat good fats if you want a larger, more defined butt. But avoid consuming too many calories and making lousy eating decisions by avoiding artificial carbohydrates like fries and spaghetti.

Quinoa, oats, sweet potatoes, whole grain bread, and brown rice are healthy carbs. Additionally, nuts, extra virgin olive oil, fish oils, and almond butter are providers of unsaturated fats that can help with weight loss and butt shaping.

To find out how little fat you can eat, speak with a dietician or download a calorie-tracking app.

Eat plenty of veggies.

A diet for growing muscle frequently overlooks vegetables. By including veggies in your meals, you’ll notice that your activity levels are more stable, allowing you to exercise more because you won’t feel exhausted.

Also, remember that veggies are crucial for assisting with the absorption of other vital minerals and nutrients. You will reduce your ability to grow gluteus tissue without maximum absorption of substances like amino acids.

Pick the appropriate supplements.

When you work out, multivitamins can boost energy, and energy bars can promote muscular growth. But before including probiotics in your diet, always consult a healthcare provider. This is because, according to your bodily functions, there can be adverse side effects.


Now you know what you have to do for that perfectly toned butt. Time to work for the newer version of yourself, embrace your dream body and have fun in your bigger and more toned butt!

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