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What is Klinio Diet? A deep dive

Klinio Diet

The Klinio diet has become a well-recognized program especially among those with diabetes, but what is it exactly? If you are unaware of its diet type, benefits, drawbacks, and other vital information, please read on as we get into a deep dive on that subject!

What is the The Klinio Diet?

The Klinio diet is a subscription-based weight management app especially designed to be diabetes-friendly, but can also be customized to a person’s goals and allergies. It was originally created to help those who have the most common kinds of diabetes – Type 1 and Type 2, by way of handling their condition through lifestyle habits and diets.

It has gained a lot of popularity and momentum recently as it has assisted its users to meet their dietary plans. The app will not only help its users in losing weight, but it will also monitor the track of their medications, glycated hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c), blood sugar levels, and other vital signs.

The advantage of this app is that it contains hundreds of recipes most of which are simple, fast to prepare, healthy, and allergy-sensitive. So it does indeed a great job customizing meal plans according to your dietary needs. 

And if that is not impressive enough? The app also includes workout routines, tracking systems, and educational resources to provide guidance about fitness and health.

Types of Food Allowed and Not Allowed

There is one constant factor no matter what meal plan you select with the app, there is always a big emphasis on whole foods, and this also includes nutritious fats such as seeds, nuts, vegetable oils, and fish. Their carb choices are usually extremely rich in fiber, since The Klinio Diet considers these to be the healthiest and most beneficial of carbohydrates. Quick examples of these carbs includes fruits, whole grains, and vegetables, among other organic choices.

The main aim here as Klinio’s blog points out is to steer away from carbs that cause a significant spike in blood sugar, which are mostly carbs found in processed food. 

Klinio mostly recommends avoid dietary elements such as:

  • Foods that contain margarine
  • Dried fruits
  • Juices
  • Cereals
  • Fruit flavoured yogurt
  • Sugar containing beverages
  • Rice, white bread, and pasta
  • Maple syrup, agave syrup, and honey
  • French fries
  • Packaged snacks
  • Flavoured coffee

Features of the Klinio App

The good news is that anyone can download the app as it is free! There are five beneficial main components you can access once you become a subscriber, and those are:

  • Personalized Meal Plan 

Meal planning is by far the most beneficial aspect of Klinio, as the app has around 45,000 recipes! If it safe to say you will never run out of options to pick from, and you will also never grow bored of your food choices.

These recipes also contain all the nutrition information you will need to keep an eye on, which are, most importantly, sugar, cholesterol, and macro-nutrition values. It can be absolutely beneficial for those aiming to shed some pounds and improve the variety of their food intake. Moreover, those recipes provided by the Klinio meal plans are for the most part simple to prepare, thus this could prove beneficial for anyone seeking to improve their cooking skills while improving their health in parallel.

Most of The Klinio Diet reviews have stated that the recipes have helped them reduce their excessive blood sugar levels, shed pounds, and give a big boost to their health.

  • Workout Routines 

For the most part, almost anyone can use the workout plans offered by Klinio, as they include beginner level workouts that do not require any equipment or machines, and encourage its users to develop their physical activity to the next level. As per the website, the average user has shown a 35-minute increase in physical activity every week! That can be truly life changing especially in our era of sedentary lifestyle. And coming back to people suffering from Diabetes, for their condition exercise is especially crucial.

  • Progress Tracker 

The Klinio app grows the habit in you to track calorie intake, medication, and blood sugar levels. There should be no doubt that self-monitoring and keeping a track of your food intake is the main pillar in achieving your weight loss plan.

  • Activity Log 

Going a step further beyond normal diet and meal tracking, Klinio helps you to keep a track of your needs and goals by providing an overview of your daily activities. This means it doesn’t only include a tracker of the amount of food and water you consume, but also of the physical activities you perform. You can also manually record your water intake and other activities such as jogging, swimming, and so on.

  • Grocery List 

With the goal of making grocery shopping easier for its users, the app has a shopping list included with every recipe, containing all the ingredients for the Klinio meal plans. In addition, Klinio always lists the ingredients that you can find at any grocery store, therefore avoiding seasonal and rare ingredients.

These components come together really nicely to make the process of meeting your dietary requirements that much easier! 

Drawbacks of Klinio Diet

With all the benefits we listed above, you might be thinking that is diet plan is flawless! But alas it isn’t. The diet plans of Klinio are designed in such a way that it might be difficult for many people in the long term to stick to them. So yes, there are a few drawbacks to Klinio diet plans. Here is what we think the average person might struggle with:

  • Restrictive meals

Although the method of Klinio to reduce calorie intake can help in shedding weight, it may also not be suitable for everyone as meal plans can be highly restrictive. For instance, one of Klinio’s meal plans suggests consuming less than 900 calories in a day, which is not enough for most adults, and that is due to the fact that the meal plans do not factor in gender, age, and physical activity. Therefore if you want to go ahead with following their plans, you will have to do a bit of tweaking according to your own body type and needs.

Not to mention that continuous counting of calories on the long term may trigger disordered eating habits in many individuals.

  • Supplement recommendation with no medical support

The Klinio Weight Loss Fuel dietary supplement made claims about how to burn fat and detoxify the body without any medical evidence supporting it, which is vital nowadays, especially with all the misleading promotions out there.

Klinio vs Noom

The last subject we want to tap into is the difference between Noom and Klinio, as this has been the most burning topic recently.

Noom is an app similar to Klinio which also offers to help people with nutrition plans, especially ones with diabetes. But the main difference is that Noom provides two options: If you are prediabetic and have not received a diagnosis, you can enrol in their Diabetes Prevention Program. On the other hand, if you already have diabetes, you can use their general Weight Loss platform. 

The app evaluates food elements as per their calorie count using a traffic light system. The least calorie-dense foods are those categorized as “green,” such as broccoli and spinach for example. Whereas food items categorized as “red” like seeds and nuts for example, have a higher calorie density. The main summarized concept dictates that you should consume “green” foods for most of your diet, and then only have “red” foods in tiny portions every now and then.

Klinio starts at $66 for two months and goes up to $156 for a year, while its counterpart Noom costs $129 per year.

Other than being cheaper, the advantage for Noom is that you are provided with guidance by coaches and professionals in the field, whereas Klinio does not offer any such service.

At the end of the day, both apps have benefits and drawbacks. It really comes down to your dietary preferences to decide which one is best for you, so you might as well try both of them for a couple of days and see which one provides you with more value!


Overall, the Klinio diet is recommended for anybody who struggles with shedding weight and taking care of their health. It benefits both those who are overwhelmed with choices on what to cook, and those who have no idea what to cook because they need new options. 

The meal plans mostly emphasize on consuming nutrient and fiber rich foods while avoiding processed food. Whichever you choose to follow in the end, they can be beneficial for you. Our final advice remains as always to consult your doctor before adopting any kind of diet. Be safe!

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