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How to Lose Finger Fat and Tone up Your Hands

Different people, different bodies, different fingers, different amounts of finger fat- this is how it works. Fun fact, you will see some skinny people have excessive fat in their fingers. It’s because the extra fat swims right to their fingers. Just because person A has excess fat in his fingers does not mean you will have that too. Different people have different ways of distributing excess fat. So, your fat, if not in your fingers, is hidden around your belly.

But in this article, we will focus on the finger fat that bothers most people who have it and how to lose finger fat.

First, if you want to lose finger fat, know that you have to lose your overall weight. It means you need to bring a change in your lifestyle, exercise, and diet and wait to see the changes in your fingers in the process.

Let us focus on the rules and regulations for losing finger fat and toning up your body fast.

Cause of excessive fat in fingers

Say you are eating a lot of food, but that food is not getting burned by your body. This is where the food converts into excess fat and is stored in your body, precisely in your fingers or any specific body part.

You don’t have the power to distribute fat in your body. The body does it by itself. And for different people, the body stores fat in different places. Fat storage in a specific body part does not mean you are not healthy. You are. It’s just that your body forgot to burn the food. And why? Because of a lack of physical activities.

But there are a lot of other factors that are the reasons behind growing or storing fat in your fingers and hands. For example, weather, salt, diet, laziness, etc.


Humidity or heat causes blood vessels to expand. When they expand, they stretch, where the fluid is leaked, creating swollen skin. So, you might encounter swollen fingers and hands more often during summer.

Salt Intake

Your body keeps a balance of salt and water. If the salt intake gets higher than the water, it might result in swollen fingers.

Lack of physical movements

After you finish your meal, you immediately do not jump in your bed to rest because you need the food to blend in properly in the body. Lack of movement in your body will not burn the food; hence, the calories will morph into fat and reside in a specific part of the body.

These are the possible and common reasons behind finger fat. Since I have already mentioned the causes, you should now know what extra other activities you can do to make the fat go away and tone up your hands.

What exercises can make you lose finger fat?

Let us focus on some of the physical exercises, one of the ways to remove finger fat, which might be useful to you.

Grip Exercise to lose finger fat

Grip exercise strengthens your fingers. For this exercise, you would need a squeezable ball or any type of ball that can be squished. In your palms, clasp the ball, squeeze it, and hold it for ⅔ seconds. Do it 20/25 times a week and wait for the results.

Finger Stretch

This is the simplest exercise to do anytime. You don’t need to prepare yourself for the exercise. It’s a simple technique where you have to place your palm on a smooth surface, stretch your fingers flat, and make it last 60 seconds. Yes, this is it.

Stretch The Thumb

Hold your thumb away from the rest of your fingers. Now join the head of your thumb with the small finger’s base. Hold it for 30-60 seconds and repeat. It will make your thumb flexible.

Finger Push Up to lose finger fat 

Yes, it is a bit hard as a normal push-up. Practice raising your weight on the fingertips. Try to do it instead of pushing your palm up.

Claw Exercise

To do this exercise, extend your fingers like a claw as much as you can, then with your fingertips, try and touch your fingers’ base. Stay in this pose for 40 to 50 seconds, and relax your fingers

Thumb Extension for loosing finger fat 

Take a rubber band, place your palm flat on a leveled surface, and then wrap the band around your finger joint. Once you do this, extend your thumb as much as possible without changing the posture. Repeat 10 to 15 times.

Other Activities

Other fun activities like playing with clay, keyboards, strumming a guitar, or playing the piano can help reduce finger fat.

Household Chores

As I have mentioned before, daily physical activities will help you lose your overall body mass.


How can diet help lose finger fat?

Diet plays a vital role in losing fat in the body. Green vegetables, fish, fruits, and food with low calories will help you lose fat. Avoid taking white sugar, excessive sodium chloride, or other grain products.

No matter how your body reacts to fat or what size you are, the process of removing the fat is the same. Unless you are allergic to certain things, you will be recommended to have the same food to remove the fat and tone up your hands.

Other activities that might help to reduce finger fat:

Meditation and yoga help a lot in case of losing body weight. And if you lose body weight, your finger fat will decrease in the process. Taking walks, doing household chores, and other physical activities such as swimming, dancing, and running will also help you lose unwanted fat. If you Don’t Know What to Eat? Read This.


I have provided all the necessary information you would need on how to lose finger fat and tone up your hands. It is not a hard process, but it needs to be frequent. If you slip off, you might miss the results. Fat, reminding you again, is not the same for everyone. Your body is different from others, so the distribution of fat will also be different. But the removal of fat is the same. You can take walks, play instruments, avoid alcohol, and use so many methods to get a slimmer finger. Hope the article helps you in getting beautiful and toned-up fingers and hands.

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