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The True Meaning of Core Strength Fitness (No, it’s Not Just the Abs!)

Core Strength Fitness

The fitness sector everywhere is flooded with terms like” Core-strength is this core- strength is that,” and so on. As you’ve finally decided to learn about core strength, read along to get an overall idea about core strength fitness

From general ideas to achieving core fitness, we have covered almost all the essential details. Let’s start,

What is the Core?

To break it down, the core is a group of muscles we all have in our bodies. Includes your pelvic, hip, and abdominal muscles (Go on, try to squeeze those areas without a hand, you’ll feel a contraction!). 

Just like we train our biceps, triceps, abdomen, and quads to gain muscle and strength, we can also train our core muscles. Or, to put it simply, we can gain core strength by training our core muscles.

Why is Everyone Crazy about Core-Strength Fitness?

Core Strength Fitness

Stronger: Core strength fitness is the basis of all strength. For example, when you pull up something heavy, you need to keep your back straight and squeeze your abdominal muscle while pulling it up. It’s called bracing. But if you do otherwise, your tissue and arm ligaments can tear apart!

Injury: Without core strength, you can even injure yourself! You probably have heard something like, “Don’t bend while picking something,” “Keep your back straight while you pull weight,” “One foot at front for weight shifting,” and the list goes on. 

Sometimes, the pressure you put can be hard on the limb involved, but strengthening your core can save you from all that.

Posture: People with weak core strength will lose their posture even after having well-built muscles. The belly pooch in women comes out more for lousy posture. 

And a bad posture calls muscle stiffness, neck pain, back pain, and in severe cases, a problem with spinal cord discs. Double chin and back fat also happen cause of bad posture. Fixing your posture will tighten those muscles in no time!

Core-strength fitness will vanish your typical clumsiness because your body balance will be on point. So there is less chance of using a stick for support when you become a grandparent!

Places You’ll Need Core Strength

Fitness: Imagine every workout you do is paying off as promised. Yes, it’s possible by achieving core strength fitness

Why? More balance over the body, more effective muscle engagement, flexibility, less chance of getting injured, and more stamina. So if you are trying a workout yet it’s not paying off, it answers your question.

Daily work: Everything will be easier and perfect, from walking to making bread. When you’ve got core strength fitness, you can control how much pressure you’ll put on a particular limb. 

Kneading dough is an excellent example, as it takes great strength to achieve a soft dough. But doing it with only arms will wear it out.

Instead, if you use your core strength and put one leg in front to shift your whole body weight to your arms, you’ll be less tired, yet your work will be done. You’ll chop things, clean up you’re, and scrub your bathroom swiftly and adequately.

Office: How would you rate your posture at your office? If you bow down to work, you put pressure on your spine. A core strength fitness will put on the habit of sitting straight for hours.

Why Core Strength Makes One very Attractive?

That’s true; core strength fitness is one of the most appealing features. Imagine a person who is always flexible regardless of aging. They sit, walk and present themselves as confident, energetic, and elegant. They are not beautiful occasionally, and they are always lively. Now, who wouldn’t want to be like them?

Most Effective Core Strengthening Exercises

These are the most straightforward and practical exercises you can start with. It doesn’t require any equipment, won’t make you sweat much, and will only take 1 to 2 minutes!

Kneeling plank: 30 seconds

  •       Get into a kneeling position
  •       Bent over on your arms
  •       Don’t curve your back and stick your butt out; instead, squeeze your hip muscles inward.
  •       Your knee, head, and hip should be aligned straight
  •       Must tuck your chin or align it with your back
  •       As you lay against your arms, try to pull them inward.
  •       For your feet, keep your fingers on the ground to support you

Hold this position for 30 seconds, and you’ll feel your core muscles burning like crazy.

Bird dogs: 10 reps per side

  •       Kneel again and bend over your hands
  •       Keep your belly button, head, and hip muscle aligned.
  •       Squeeze your hip muscle and abdominal muscle
  •       Raise your left leg and right arm, then your right leg and left arm together. When you raise a leg and a hand, you’ll be resting on one leg and one arm creating pressure on your core.
  •       Do each side ten times, so twenty times in total.

Reverse crunches:30 seconds

  •       Lay down on your back
  •       Bring your legs up to your belly and down to the ground
  •       Make sure you keep your back sticking to the ground the whole time.
  •       Keep your palm underneath your hip.
  •       Your head should be aligned with your back
  •       Continue for 30 seconds, and you’ll feel your core working!

You’ll find tons of core strength fitness videos all over the internet, but these three are my favorite and very convenient. You can repeat these three exercises 2 to 3 times a day to get a daily dose of your core strength fitness.

Listen before you start core strengthening secretly in your room!

No lies about the value of core strength fitness workouts, but they are useless without proper routine, consistency, and rule. Not every exercise would be a cup of tea for everyone. 

The wise thing is to consult a professional trainer or physiotherapist to get the best workout that suits you. And if you are someone already injured, please get off the internet and consult a physiotherapist.


It’s easier to get frustrated realizing your fitness and efficiency level compared to others. The pose you do by straightening your back, tucking your belly inside, chin up, strong, and confident when you click the picture can be your real version. 

Not only will it make you look attractive, but it will also benefit you in your work. If you’ve realized how important core strength is, you owe yourself a core strength fitness. And you do not necessarily need to be muscular.

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