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Are Eggs Good For You? Putting An End To The Dispute

Are Eggs Good For You

If you are from a scientific background, you might know the various theories about the relationship between egg consumption and human health. If you are not, then we will provide the basic information needed for you to answer the question are eggs good for you?

Nutritious Facts about Eggs

Are Eggs Good For You

To start, you should know what eggs contain. Each 50 g egg contains approximately:

  • 78 calories
  • 5.3g of fat
  • 168mg of cholesterol (most of it in the yolk)
  • 62mg of sodium
  • 5.6g of carbohydrates
  • 6.29 protein

Back in History

Back in 1968, the American Health Association (AHA) gave a recommendation for people to limit their consumption to 3 eggs a week. They supported their recommendation by the fact that the amount of cholesterol contained in the egg is significant. Also, the recommendation was associated with limiting cholesterol consumption to 330mg a day. 

However, there were many other pieces of research were conducted to give a proper explanation for the relationship between egg consumption and the health of humans in general and not only heart diseases. The results kept going back and forth between supporting, limiting, or regulating egg consumption. For example, there was a Chinese study proved that eating one egg a day is beneficial for health. On the other hand, a recent study had shown that people who consume eggs more often are at risk of heart disease.

Now, after giving you a quick scientific look, let’s jump into the main discussion if eggs are good for you. If there are negatives and benefits, then which one outweighs the other?

Are Eggs Good for You?

In terms of protein, eggs are a great source of protein. In addition, it has a very low level of calories which makes it great for a diet. When it comes to vitamins, eggs contain a generous amount of vitamin D in addition to other vitamins such as vitamins A, B2, B5, and B12.

On the other hand, if you do not store it properly or if you do not cook them well then, the theory can cause Salmonella.  The healthiest ways to cook the egg: boiling and poaching. In contrast, frying them with fat, oil or butter will increase the calorie level and negatively impact your health status. In case you like them fried then make sure to use non-tropical vegetable oil such as olive oil or canola.

Many people rise the question: how many eggs should I eat a day? The answer is one whole egg or two egg whites. 

The answer to ‘are eggs good for you?’ largely depends on your age, health status, and the diet you are following. We will go through them one by one.

  • If you have diabetes or any sort of heart problem should watch the cholesterol level, you are consuming. Therefore, eating eggs on a daily basis can be risky for them. The reason is people do not only eat eggs, but there are also actually other sources of cholesterol such as cheese, yogurt, or meat. So, to give an accurate answer, if you are maintaining your diet then eggs are not an enemy because the cholesterol in eggs does not affect blood cholesterol levels.
  • If you are a person who depends on fast food, then eggs are not a good choice for you. When eating fast food all that you get practically is fat and cholesterol. Also, if you are a fan of food cooked using fat and butter then you must lower your egg consumption. The best recommendation is to balance your diet so you can enjoy eggs in addition to your other loved food.
  • When it comes to your age then there is no accurate answer for whether eggs are good for you or not. However, as people grow older the risk of getting heart disease becomes higher,  especially if they do not play sports. If you are young, following a proper healthy diet and exercise then you will not be at risk of any health issues in case you consumed it daily. 

Keep in mind that consuming more than 3 eggs a day can be so harmful to your health. You must always keep an eye on the number of eggs you are eating on both weekly and daily bases regardless of your age or health status. 


To sum up, eggs themselves pose no risk to you. In fact, how they impact your health depends on how you prepare and consume them. So, without depriving yourself of eggs, maintain your diet, adhere to it, and live a healthy life.

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