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Are Cable Face Pulls the Best Exercise Ever? Six Reasons it Might Be

Cable Face Pulls

Let’s be honest; we have all reached a point where we, as a society, collectively have a lousy posture. And the key to fixing it is pretty simple.

The best thing you can do to help with posture, strength, and muscle symmetry is cable face pull! No matter what your perception is of them, cable face pulls are one of the best corrective exercises. Don’t believe it? Let’s look at why they should be your go-to exercises for strengthening muscles and fixing a slumped posture.

What is the Cable Face Pull Exercise?

Cable Face Pulls

If you are entirely unfamiliar with cable face pulls, here is a brief introduction to them. 

Cable face pulls are a corrective exercise that helps with weak muscles in the upper body by stretching them out. If you are someone who sits behind a desk for long hours of the day working on a computer, or if you drive your car in a slumped position, this exercise can significantly help you fix your posture.

How to do Cable Face Pulls?

Dalibor Despotovic

Cable face pulls are quite simple if you know how to do them correctly. However, most people struggle to keep their form right! Hence, here is a step-by-step guide on how to do them.

The main things that matter when doing face pulls with a cable include your equipment and adjustments, your stance, grip, travel, weight selection, and the modifications you make. With that said, here’s how to do them effectively.

Get the ropes

Set up the rope attachment onto your cable machine. Ensure that you set it high to get the most out of it.

Steady your stance

Stand near your cable machine with a staggered stance. If you do not know how to do that,  put one leg in front of the other and bend your knees slightly.

Grab on to the handles

Put your hands on the handles by placing your palms facing one another. Your thumbs must also be pointing backward; that is how you will get the most effective grip.

Align your elbows

It would be best if you leveled your elbows below your shoulders. If you have them raised to the level or above your shoulders, your form is all wrong!

Pull the ropes

Now the fun part, turn your hands slightly and begin to pull the ropes. Turning and rotating your shoulder joints is a crucial part of this exercise. Only by continuously making this motion will you work your rotator cuffs and consequently fix your posture.

Six reasons why Cable Face Pulls are the best exercise ever


While giving you a fixed posture is its specialty, cable face pulls also offer other benefits. Here are some reasons why cable face pulls might be the best exercise ever!

No more back pain

Back pain is the bane of our existence, and cable face pulls are the key to getting rid of them. This simple exercise forces you to pull and push the muscles and joints in your back and stretches them out. As a result, although the soreness will initially annoy you, the pain relief it will give will be worth it!

Muscle strength and symmetry

This exercise is also perfect for anyone who wants to build muscles in their upper body. The back muscles you will need to pull the ropes will help you get them toned. 

Not only that but your shoulders will get worked out as well. It is essential if you want to prevent the unnecessary pains that come with age and if you want to increase your range of motion.

Anterior-posterior balance

When working out, most people mainly focus on the chest, abs, triceps, and shoulders. Hence they only do exercises that work their anterior muscles

Cable face pulls, add posterior exercises necessary to balance the muscles. These pulling exercises build strength in your back muscles which people tend to ignore. 

It is important to remember that your back muscles are equally as important as they are the ones that are taking the hit when you are sitting at your desk for hours without breaks to stretch them out.

Smoother rotator cuff movement

Another thing that people tend to gloss over during regular workout sessions is their external rotation. While strengthening muscles is important, taking care of those joints is also essential to a healthy life. 

The cable face pulls allow your shoulder joints to hit your rotator cuffs. It is a movement that usually never happens during other forms of exercise, but doing this will increase the flexibility of your shoulders. 

Increased range of motion

As previously mentioned, face pulls increase your range of motion. 

Doing them regularly, after every workout session for at least 90 seconds, will help you fight against pains that come before old age. Gone will be your days of struggling to lift something heavy as your muscles and shoulders will at least have the range of motion needed to do these basic tasks.

Precaution for shoulder injuries 

Face pulls are also a great way to prevent shoulder injuries or reduce their impact in case you inevitably get one.

Your muscles and joints will be strong enough to withhold injuries, and you will heal faster than if you get a shoulder injury without doing face pulls.

Final thoughts: Are cable face pulls the best exercise ever?

Overall, cable face pulls indeed are the best exercise ever! They help you with all the tiny problems you might face due to muscle or joint pains. They prevent these altogether by fixing your posture and strengthening your upper back muscles.

So, what are you waiting for? Incorporate cable face pulls into your regular workout routine starting today!

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