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Hi, I am a full-time health and fitness blogger and the founder of Health and Stamina. Being a fitness enthusiast, I found that very few sources provide authentic health-related information. I always had to browse multiple blogs to find the correct information and news. My frustration grew when I discovered that most blogs provide backdated information. The mountains of inaccurate details made me realize that people need authenticity and a source that they can trust.

With a team of like-minded health enthusiasts, I started Health & Stamina to fill the void. We are a team of 4 editors with 12+ years of health-related blogging experience. We hail from health sectors, from personal fitness trainers to Nutrition consultants. We are working tirelessly to bring you weekly health-related blogs. Our commitment to you is to provide weekly articles to improve your health and help you reach your fitness goal.


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Hello, I am the founder of Health and Stamina and a full-time health and fitness blogger. Bringing you the most talked-about health and fitness issues from reliable sources. 

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