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9 Power Bag Exercises To Boost Your Strength

Power Bag Exercises

A power bag is a weightlifting tool that usually replaces free weights, like dumbbells and barbells, to promote strength. The weight of the power bag continually changes back and forth in contrast to free weights, challenging your stability and balance while enhancing your grip strength. Dive into the article to find out more about power bag exercises.

Sandbags are a good start for beginners who are hesitant to engage in strength and resistance training. They come with handles that make them simpler to carry than your average free weight. So, let’s look into some power bag exercises that boost your strength.

Lunges With Power Bags

Power Bag Exercises

This is an excellent beginning to warm yourself up for the power bag exercises. Lunging with power bags targets the glutes and adds strength to the core. 

How to do it?

To do this, you need to stand on your feet at shoulder lengths and grab the two handles of the bag. Stand tall and straight before diving into your first lunge. Step the right foot forward and bend the knee while keeping the left leg straight. Swing the power bag to the right side as you step with the right foot. Swing it to the left when you are lunging with your left foot. As you stand back up, bring the bag back in front of you before repeating the step with your left foot. 

Power Bag Squat

Power Bag Exercises

Combining the two also comes with multiple benefits. The squats work wonders on the lower part of the body, and the power bag on the shoulder works on strengthening your core.

How to do it?  

Lift the power bag and place it on one of your shoulders. Make sure to keep the distance of feet parallel to the shoulders. Keeping your back straight, sit like you are sitting on an imaginary chair until the thighs are parallel to the ground. Then straighten out the knee, and you are back to the standing position.

Power Bag Shovel

Power Bag Exercises

This exercise helps develop a good balance as the hips work as a pivot. Here’s how.

How to do it? 

For this exercise, stand with the power bag handles in your hands. Then turn to the side with both knees bent. Rotate with the help of the heels and push out the power bag. Shift to the other side quickly while bringing the bag and then pushing it out to the side you are on. 

Power Bag Overhead Press

Power Bag Exercises

It works on the overall body, specifically targeting the core and the arm muscles.

How to do it? 

For this exercise, bend the knees slightly forward so that you are not squatting but hinging your hips, meaning they move more than the knees. Lift the power bag as you stand straight and send the bag overhead with the elbows stretched out. Push at your heels to stretch high above and reverse the process to return to the starting position. 

Power Bag Rows

Power Bag Exercises

A bit more powerful, power bag rows strengthen the grip’s power, increasing the shoulder balance and strengthening the core. 

How to do it? 

Start with a thick and tight grip on the side of the power bag instead of the handles. Then, bend your knees a little forward while hinging your hips back. Pull the sandbag fast and quickly towards your upper stomach and squeeze the shoulder blades when it is there. Lower the power bag back down by straightening your arms. Don’t lower it on the ground but up to the shin level and repeat the steps mentioned.

Around The World

Boosting strength demands a strong core, and what is better than this exercise that requires your utmost focus on the core? So, learn below how to do the exercise.

How to do it? 

First, kneel on the ground and take a thick, firm grip on the side of the bags. Pull the bag from the side, over the top of the head, to the other side. Repeat the same from the other side.

Power Bag Slam

Another full-body exercise, the power bag slam, also aims to strengthen the core and arm muscles. It requires you to repeatedly slam and squat to pick the power bag up to your shoulder.

How to do it?

First, stand with the feet at shoulder length and place the power bag between the knees. Squat and bend down by keeping your back straight. Using the power from the hips, lift the power bag off the ground towards one of the shoulders. Then, aggressively slam the power bag down onto the ground. 

Power Bag with Hip Bridges

Again, another combination of the two for maximum effect. While the hip bridges strengthen the lower part of the body, the power bag will help to add strength to the core. 

How to do it?

First, lie flat and place the power bag weight on your stomach. Then grab with a thick grip at the sides and lift the weight above the stomach, keeping your arms straight. Hold the position and bend the knees so the heels rest on the ground. Using the power of the heel, lift your hips to form a bridge with the upper part of the body. Finally, lower both the hip and the weight back down consecutively. 

Russian Bag with Power Bag

This exercise effectively improves your back and hips as the hips pivot the body and the power bag to the sides.

How to do it?

First, sit on the ground with your knees bent in front of you and the back straight. Place the power bag on one of the sides. When ready, lift the feet off the ground with the knees bent and move the power bag to the other side. Make sure it hits the ground before returning the bag to the same side. 

Final Thoughts

With the power bag exercise, always ensure consistency throughout the workout. It does require a lot of effort, but these exercises will provide you will excellent results. 

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