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7 Exercises To Lose Thigh Fat

Lose Thigh Fat

You don’t lose fat from one particular area, but your body works to lose fat from here and there. So, you cannot control where your body starts to shed weight. Let’s look into some practical exercises to lose thigh fat.

To reach your fitness objective, the best measure is to consume a healthy diet and perform exercises. You can quickly slim down your thigh and leg fat with extra effort and focus. 

As mentioned above, one of the best ways to lose thigh fat is to consume a healthy diet. Eating healthy also includes planning wisely because eating fewer calories than burning requires a balance. 

However, when there is a deficit in calorie intake, the chances of your metabolism rate going down rise, which then works against you. It is why you should always include at least 500 to 1000 calories per day. 

Along with maintaining the proper diet, exercising is also essential to boost metabolism and burn more fat. 

Cardio Workouts

Lose Thigh Fat

The cardio that you will regularly exercise, whether it be walking or running, is the cardio that will help you lose fat from the thighs. The keyword is ‘consistent’ when it comes to cardio workouts.

If you incorporate diet with cardio workouts, you will come across something called calorie deficit which is necessary for weight reduction. When calorie is deficient, your body breaks down more calories than you take in, which compels your body to use some of its fat deposits as an energy source.


Lose Thigh Fat 

You burn roughly the same calories during a HIIT workout as you might during regular exercises like running. The infamous type of workout has shown significant results in burning calories even after the workout is completed. 

It is due to EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption), which takes place after the workout is finished to recover and repair the body because of the intensity.


Lose Thigh Fat

The metabolic rate can rise when you walk. To further explain, walking more quickly might deceive your brain into using its fat stores as fuel. Building muscles and increasing your metabolic rate throughout walking help you burn more calories. 

Walking tightens and strengthens the lower body muscles, including the glutes and quadriceps, because it is primarily a leg-based exercise. It also increases your heart rate more gradually than most other aerobic activities. You can start with 20-minute walks three times per week and then increase to a daily plan of 30 minutes. 

Lying Leg Lift

Lose Thigh Fat

Lying leg lift targets the outer thigh muscles and set out to tone these muscles. It can be a little difficult for beginners due to wobbly thighs, and they can only do a few before tiring out. 

However, exercise not only helps in losing thigh fat but also helps to build strength in the legs, which helps tackle other activities with ease. 

There are variations for this. One is to lie on your back with both hands at your side and keep the legs extended. Slowly lift both legs off the floor until the feet face the ceiling.   Lower the legs until they are a few inches off the floor, hold the position, and lift them back up again.

It would be best to lay straight on your side with your feet stacked for this exercise. You can keep your head on the arm or cradle on the palm of your hand by bending the elbow. 

Slowly, start to lift the top leg and extend it straightly to the point you feel the muscles on your thigh flex. Hold the position and slowly bring it back down. Complete a few reps before switching legs. 


One of the classic exercises in every workout regimen, squats have been proven to slim down thighs. Fitness experts say that squatting should be an integral element of your training regimen if you desire to lose thigh fat. 

The main reason is that squats are exercises that use almost all the thigh muscles, so adding squats to your daily workouts will increase the loss o thigh fats. They help to remove the cellulite that poses quite a challenge to shed off. 

To perform squats in the right way, stand upright with the distance of the feet at shoulder length. The foot should be pointed outward to ensure balance as you make your way down. 

Extend the arms in front of you and slowly bend the knees at a 90-degree angle. You would usually squat down. Instead of doing that, imagine you are going to sit on a chair, so hinge the hope according to that. The thighs should remain parallel to the floor and the back straight before returning to the starting position. 


Burpees is a powerful technique for full-body exercise. It’s an excellent approach to effectively develop your lower body by working out a large percentage of your body’s key muscle groups. 

When performed correctly and regularly, the exercise offers a demanding workout that will develop your leg muscles while also strengthening your heart and lungs. 

To do the exercise, stand with the feet at shoulder length. Then, crouch down and put your hands on the floor, which will guide the following step. Next, kick the feet back as you do a mini pushup and kick the feet back to the crouching position. Finally, jump straight back up, and this counts as one rep. 


Lunges are another compound exercise performed to lose thigh fat, including the thigh muscles collectively. It is a unilateral exercise, meaning the lunge involves working only one side of the body at a time. 

To aid in the loss of thigh fat, or if lunges seem too easy, you can incorporate jumps in your lunges. It means jumping from one lunge to another. This level is not recommended for beginners.

To start, stand straight with the back upright and hands at the side. Try to focus on one point in front of you to avoid looking down—step front with the left leg and lunge down by bending the right leg at a 90-degree angle. The right knee shouldn’t touch the floor, and the thigh must be parallel to the ground.

Final Thoughts

Losing thigh fat may be challenging, but you can successfully achieve your goal with consistent workouts and the proper diet and recovery period.

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