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6 Endurance Exercises You Won’t Hate

6 Endurance Exercises

You have a long day ahead. It mainly involves sitting. Whether sitting through classes or endless meetings, we all know there will come a moment when our backs start aching. Back pain is highly annoying and one of the key reasons you might get back pain is low muscle endurance capabilities. So you will need some endurance exercises.

What is muscle endurance?

Muscle endurance is our muscles’ ability to retain a certain position for a long time. Or, in other words, the ability of muscles to repeat the same activity for long periods.

Muscle endurance is important to build for a lot of reasons. Here are some of the most important reasons:

* Helps get rid of annoying muscle pains and cramps

* Good for cardiac health

* Helps with depression and mood disorders

* Tones muscles

* Allows you to go a long time without experiencing muscle fatigue

So, HOW does one build muscle endurance?

You can build muscle endurance by exercising. Muscle endurance exercises are high intensity and performed for short bursts of time. These exercises make your body produce lactic acid, stimulating your short-twitch muscles. As you exercise these muscle fibers, they strengthen, and you develop endurance.

Now, let’s be honest. Exercising is hard. It is often painful and unbearable. It is also hard to be consistent with exercises.

Good news for you— these endurance exercises are easy as they take very little time and are simple!

Without further ado, let’s go through six endurance exercises you won’t hate.

1. Plank – Endurance Exercises

Planks are relatively simple to do and are an excellent exercise to tone your core muscles. They also help improve your posture and exercise your back muscles, lowering back pain. There are two types of planks—the forearm plank and the straight arm plank. Although the straight arm plank is more advanced, it is good to be knowledgeable about both so you can switch up your routine now and then.

Here’s how you do the forearm plank:

Lie on your stomach in a prone position. That is, with your elbows and forearms on your side with your palms facing down. Make sure your shoulder and elbows are aligned.

Then, use your forearms and toes to lift off the ground. Engage your abs and back muscles as you do this. Keep your feet slightly apart.

Remember to avoid lifting your butt and to keep your neck and head in a straight position as you do this. To avoid lifting your butt, move your pelvis inward.

To do the straight arm plank:

Assume the position you would for a pushup. Then, using your hands, lift yourself off the ground and assume the position you would when you are in the upward position of a pushup. Again, keep your feet slightly apart.

Try holding this position for as long as you can. It is good to aim for 30 to 45 seconds at a time.

Muscles Targeted: Core

2. Push Up – Endurance Exercises

Ah, the familiar pushup. You might think that pushups are overhyped, and you would be partly correct. Regardless, pushups ARE pretty helpful in building muscle endurance.

6 Endurance Exercises

While we might think we know how to do a pushup because we’ve seen it SO MANY TIMES, it is still good to remember that when doing a pushup, you should:

Keep your arms under your shoulders with your palms parallel to your shoulders and your arms at 90 degrees to the ground. Your legs should be slightly apart.

Once you’ve ensured that, push up off the ground, keeping your weight on your arms and toes. Repeat this action for one minute or one and a half minutes.

Muscles Targeted: Shoulders, Triceps, Pectoral Muscles

3. Step Up – Endurance Exercises

Step Up is one of the easiest exercises you can do. Simple, fun, and effective step up are great for working your leg muscles. This is the only exercise in this article that requires equipment.

To do a step up:

You will need a box, bench, or a stair. Once you have that, step onto the stair with one of your legs. While doing this, keep your other leg hanging in the air. Now, step back down. Repeat this step with your left leg for 1 minute and then with your right leg for another minute. Maintain a straight posture while doing this exercise to obtain the best results.

Muscles Targeted: Glutes

4. Walking Lunges – Endurance Exercises

Walking Lunges are relatively easy to do and very effective as both an endurance exercise and a warm-up exercise if you plan to go running.

Follow these steps to make a walking lunge:

Stand with your posture upright. Your feet should be perpendicular to your shoulders, keeping them shoulder-width apart.

Now, put your right leg forward as far as you can. After this, lower your body with your knees touching the ground, stretching out your left leg as you do so. Then, with your weight on your right foot, pull yourself up.

Do 30 lunges on each set, 15 per leg.

Muscles Targeted: Abdominal Muscles

5. Crunches – Endurance Exercises

Crunches are easy to do and perfect if you want to reduce belly fat. They’re one of the best exercises to get a flatter stomach quickly and a good exercise to tone your abs.

This is how you do crunches:

Lie down flat on the ground with your arms behind your head. Bend your legs at the knees. Using your core, lift yourself up. Make sure you don’t curve your arms around your head when you do this. For good results, do 5 sets of 25 crunches.

Muscles TargetedAbs and Core

6. Body Weight Squats – Endurance Exercises

Body Weight Squats are slightly tough to do as you might experience some pain in your leg muscles as you do them. But, they’re a great way to tone your glutes and reduce belly fat. They’re also relatively easy to do.

To do squats:

Stand with your arms outstretched in front of you so they’re parallel to the ground. Keep your feet slightly more than shoulder-width apart. Now, slowly attempt to sit down as you will sit in an invisible chair. Stop when your buttocks are near your knees and are parallel to the ground. Now, squeeze your glutes as you stand up.

It is good to do 2 to 4 sets of 25 squats to exercise these muscles.

Muscles Targeted: Glutes

To get the best results out of these endurance exercises, it is best to ensure that you maintain proper form while doing them. Remember to engage the targeted muscles and not overexert yourself.

Happy exercising!

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