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5 Types of Workouts You Need to be Incorporating in Your Routines

Types of Workouts

If you are a workout enthusiast, then you are certain about one obvious thing: your workout routine must be comprised of various workout regimens! That is since perfect fitness and proper health never get delivered from just one or two training for fitness. Various types properly deliver your body’s requirements of workouts. For instance, aerobic exercises answer cardio stamina and health, whereas strength training gives you solid muscles.

However, apart from these, if you are wondering what else you can do, this article can be the best guide for figuring out the types of workouts you need to incorporate into your routine.

Here, we bring you the five types of workouts that you must watch out

1. Strength Training – Types of Workouts

Building muscles is so essential that even longevity depends greatly on healthy muscles. Building muscles require a lot of strength training that can help reduce the risks of several chronic diseases, improve mobility, and protect your brain health.

There are several ways of strength training. Here we will take a look at the types of workouts associated with strength training.

Weight-Bearing Workouts

types of workout

Activities, where one holds himself up against gravity are weight-bearing exercises. Though many weight-bearing workouts are associated with aerobic exercises, they largely include best strength workouts as well.

The following weight-bearing exercises should be included in your daily routine to keep you in good health- Climbing stairs, Running, Body-weight squats, hiking, and jumping rope. These workouts keep your heart good and let you release the body toxins through sweating and strengthen the muscles of your lower-body portion.

Non-Weight-Bearing Workouts

types of workout

Not everyone would be comfortable with weight-bearing strength training. For them, non-weight-bearing workouts can equally help to keep in great fitness. In fact, these types of workouts put less stress and are quite helpful for the joints. These workouts usually feature lyingsitting, or using various strength machines.

You can include leg extensions, leg presses, Hamstring Curls, etc., and non-weight-bearing exercises in your daily routine.


types of workout

Using one’s own body weight as resistance is termed a calisthenics workout. The prime examples of calisthenics are squatspush-upsmountain climbers, etc. Calisthenics is quite convenient, and they can be done without requiring any expensive equipment.

These workouts are ideal mainly for beginners as these types of workouts can help build functional skills and strength and also learn the movement patterns as well, which are required for using weights. Some ideal calisthenics exercises you can incorporate into your routine include planks, lunges, glute bridges, handstands, pull-ups, etc.


types of workout

Weightlifting is the top strength-building workout you can accustom yourself to. There are several kinds of weightlifting, and only your fitness goal can define which type of weightlifting you want to do. You can add extra weight or start weightlifting once you find yourself comfortable with body-weight exercises. The weightlifting exercises that you can incorporate into your daily routines are dumbbell lunges, rows, and bench presses, deadlifts etc.

2. Aerobic Training – Types of Workouts

Using the aerobic energy system to accumulate power for your body is a great way to keep in fit. Aerobic training is one of the greatest ways to be fit and healthy. During these exercises, our metabolic system takes and uses oxygen to create energy. You can incorporate aerobic training like swimming, cycling, hiking, dancing, etc., into your daily workout routine. No matter how long you do these workouts, the effectiveness depends solely on your regularity of maintaining these exercises.

You can do 150 minutes of aerobic exercises for the whole week or a minimum of 75 minutes of high-intensity rigorous aerobic exercise. Do not forget to maintain good rest alternatively while doing intense aerobic training.

3. Training for Stability and Balance – Types of Workouts

Maintaining stability and balance is always extremely important, specifically while aging. You can stay active and avoid any fall by doing several workouts for balance and stability.

There are also types of workouts that you do for strength building which can increase your ability to balance well. The common types of workouts for stability and balance that you can try regularly are split squats, single-leg deadlifts, tai chi, single-leg yoga etc. You can develop your small stabilizer muscles through these workouts and can be in a steady state of balance.

4. Agility and Coordination training – Types of Workouts

Agility and coordination training is basically taken for quick, swift, and easy movements. However, these types of workouts or fitness training aren’t only for athletes. These are for general people as well to help them prevent falling and causing other injuries. These workouts and training can improve reflexes, focus, and coordination. Here are some agility training that you can incorporate in your daily lives: Side steps, Quick Feet, Grapevines, Lateral Crossovers, High Knees etc. Trainings as such can also build your strength and endurance. Also, these trainings can be added to your cardio workouts as well.

5. Mobility and Flexibility Training – Types of Workouts

Among all the daily workouts you can do, mobility and flexibility training are the most vital type of workouts. This training will help stretch your muscles and move your tissues and joints through the full range of motion.

Dynamic Stretching

To warm up your muscles and joints, a little bit of dynamic exercise is just perfect to go through. These workouts can raise the heart rate, so putting several dynamic stretching together can create an aerobic workout as well. You can go through the following dynamic stretching like Cat-cow, Inchworm, Leg Swings, Butt Kicks etc, every day.

Static Stretching

To relieve the tightness in your muscles, static stretching is a perfect solution. Some effective static stretches are Runner’s Lunge, Doorway Chest Stretching, Overhead triceps stretching, etc.


By incorporating the types of workouts mentioned above in your daily routine, you can remain fit and age better. You will move more freely and can keep on doing your preferred activities for longer without any injury or pain. We hope this article has helped you to find a healthy and fit life!

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