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5 Gym Equipment Names You Absolutely Need to Know

Gym Equipment Names

Who doesn’t want a sculpted body? The number of people giving a positive answer to that would be next to zero. Sure, many of us don’t want to put the necessary effort into it. But that doesn’t mean most people don’t want it. And that’s why the number of gym-going people has been climbing for some time now.

Other than gym-going people, many people now invest time in home workouts. If there’s one thing the pandemic has taught people, it is how to do pretty much everything at home. So many people do home workouts now, and you might just be one of them. Or you might be a gym newbie who doesn’t want to look like a newbie.

Either way, you’ll have to know gym equipment names to utilize them properly. If you don’t know the name, you won’t know what it does. Besides, sometimes you can find many hidden equipment gems when you’re trying to learn the names. So here is a list of the top 5 gym equipment names you absolutely need to know.

Top 5 Gym Equipment Names You Should Definitely Know

Whether a newbie or a pro, you must know what you’re working with to unlock its full potential. Here is a list of gym equipment you must know for your workout sessions.

1. Power rack (Squat Station)

Gym Equipment Names

Probably not what you expected to be the first entry, but this is a beast of a piece of equipment. You can’t possibly pass on knowing this versatile equipment’s name. Power racks are usually used in bigger and commercial gyms, but other gyms have them. And if you’re buying your own equipment well, you should consider this.

A power rack is one of the most versatile workout equipment out there. It is a pretty big square-shaped station that you can use for a number of exercises. With this equipment, you can do bench presses, squats (weighted), and even pull-ups. Some of the power racks also include a dip station, making them more versatile.

Because of their massive size, most power racks come with instruction manuals and workout guides. If you want a full-body workout, you can start with a bench press for your upper body. Then you can focus on your core with pull-ups and move on to squats for your lower body workout.

2. Chest Press Machine

Gym Equipment Names

If your target is to focus on and work your upper body more, you must know your friend– the chest press machine. These are one of the most popular chest workout equipment and usually need a little strength to break into them.

A chest press machine is upper body workout equipment. It comes with a chair-like space surrounded by the workout station. Using your strength, you’ll have to sit in the chair-like area and push the metal arms with your weight. Chest press machines let you work your pectoral muscles with full support (and control).

Chest press machines are standard but only in bigger gyms. Most regular gyms prefer having a bench press machine instead. But if you want to work with weight without worrying about your back, chest press machines are one of the best options.

3. Bench Press Machine

Gym Equipment Names

The bench press machine is probably the most popular equipment on this list. If you’re into weight lifting, chances are you’ve already used this one at least once. This equipment focuses on your upper body and emphasizes your pectoral muscles. Most gyms have a bench press machine in the corner, whether you’re talking about a commercial or home gym.

The bench press machine has a bench-like area, as the name suggests. There are two arms on both sides of the machine to support the weight people work with. You’re basically laying flat on the padded bench and using a barbell to do push-ups. You can also use dumbbells.

As popular as this is, you’ll have to be careful to ensure you aren’t misusing it. Otherwise, you can sprain your muscles or sustain even bigger injuries. Make sure you’re asking your trainer to help you when you work with the bench press machine, and remember to take rest days in-between if you’re lifting heavy weights.

4. Kettlebells

You’ll see it in pretty much every gym and even as props in movies. Kettlebells are free weights, and they’re very versatile. You can do several exercises with them, most of which require a squatting position. Kettlebells look interesting too!

Kettlebells are standard free-weight equipment. They’re made of cast steel or cast iron and shaped like balls with a handle. They come in different sizes depending on their weight. You may be surprised to know that kettlebells have been around for 300 years. Pretty ancient for gym equipment, right?

Kettlebells are popular because they engage every muscle in your body. It is a piece of full-body workout equipment, but it is mainly used for cardiovascular, strength, and ballistic exercises.

Kettlebells are very fun, but only if you use them correctly. The wrong workout form will do you more harm than good. You’ll have to bend your knees when you’re using kettlebells. But the best way to ensure your back muscles are safe is to ask for help from your trainer.

5. Stationary Bike

Ryan McVay

No gym-savvy person doesn’t know what a stationary bike is. This machine has been around forever and has no signs of going away anytime soon. That’s how effective it is. You’ll find stationary bikes (or some other form) in pretty much every gym you go to.

Stationary bikes are mainly used for cardio exercises. Using it for a long time can burn the flabbiness of your muscles and tone up your body nicely. It is also suitable for daily use because it is a piece of non-impact exercise equipment. And of course, it is easy to use too.


Whether you’re a newbie trying to blend in or a pro refreshing your memory, these are some of the widespread gym equipment names you should absolutely know. They’re excellent for working specific areas of your body but only if you’re doing things right. Make sure to ask for help from your trainer, so you don’t get injuries.

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